A Hydrating Hair Mask For YOU This Summer

If this winter’s weather has dried out your strands and left your mane without its luster, it’s time to condition, condition, condition! We're now deep into the sweltering summer months, and if you haven't had a chance to repair the cold-weather damage, we rounded up the in-shower hydrators that can save the day no matter your hair type.
When we want to spend most of our time braiding, twisting, and salt-spraying our hair, we can't deal with the extra drama of bad ends, crispy texture, and dulled colors. When we're swimming in chlorine, baking in the sun, and constantly in air-conditioned rooms, our hair can — and will — take a beating.
So don't finish off the hot months with hair baggage. Giving your strands some TLC is crucial to getting those soft and silky tresses you've been pinning all year. No matter your struggle, there's a treatment that works for you just ahead.
Do you have a favorite conditioner to repair your seasonally stressed mane? Let us know in the comments!