Meet 5 Tech Bloggers With Brains–And Style!–To Boot

Everyone knows the Bay Area is a mecca for tech. But when most folks think about Silicon Valley, visions of that nerdy kid from high school, peeking out from behind the glow of the computer screen, dance in their minds. Well, get ready to refresh and reload your thinking, thanks to five mega-stylish tech bloggers who buck all of the stereotypes. These connected cuties have sync-sational style, and they're showing the boys how it’s done while looking damn good. These digital darlings hold their own next to the Zuckerbergs of the world, while effortlessly combating the ferocious commenters on some of the tech industry’s most-beloved blogs. Read on to check them out in all of their fall finery, and get the intel on everything from their fave fashion apps to the local boutiques they’re loving right now.