Style Syllabus: Four Ways To Simplify Your Wardrobe Over Break

After working non-stop for the last two weeks of the semester, there's bound to be a "WTF?!?!?" moment when you get home for break and realize you have nothing but time and no work to think about. It's bliss. But filling the idle hours between family time and reunions with old friends can be tougher than it sounds. You go home with the intention of reading all those half-finished books, maybe going for a run, learning to knit...but somehow you find yourself watching 10 hours of Law & Order: SVU each day.
Luckily, new research at the R29 lab suggests it may be possible to spend your break in a way that's productive and fun: Go through your closet and reimagine your wardrobe! Though we love a well-stocked wrist of blinged-out bracelets and never say no to piles of layers, having a clean, minimalist wardrobe is the best way to look put-together on a small budget and an even tinier dorm room.
Chances are your drawers at home are filled with stuff you haven't worn in years but are too nostalgic to throw out. That glittery band-aid you've been saving from middle school has gotta come off some time, so we've come up with four easy ways to streamline your style in a big way. Don't be scared...bring out the trash bags and get started!
Photo: Via American Apparel

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