Street Photog Love, A Prada Transformer, and Second-Hand Handbags

mcqueen-links-refinery29-03.jpgBrilliant as his new collection is, Alexander McQueen better hope that Matthew Barney doesn't sue him for copyright infringement. (Coutorture)
The new Prada exhibit makes Optimus Prime look kind of wimpy. (Gizmodo)
Please refrain from videotaping the Wintour, thankyouverymuch. (Fashionologie)
All those high-priced purses bought in boom times are flooding back onto the market. Bargains to be had. (NYP)
Metro reports that Garance Doré and Scott "Sartorialist" Schuman are an item. We imagine them holding hands, then sniping over who gets to shoot the lady with the vintage white Chanel caftan, Nina Ricci LBD, and equestrian boots. (Fashionologie)
Someone has turned a mailbox full of catalogs into a website full of laughs. (Racked)