Street Style Is Getting…Stringy?

Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
When a piece of clothing has any sort of long string or tie, it's our instinct to tie it up. Our brains are essentially programmed to take those loose-hanging accoutrements and tie them into a big ol' bow. There's definitely nothing wrong with that, per se, but as usual, fashion has to come in and flip all the rules on their heads. Because lately, things in street style are getting... Stringy?
Methinks it has something to do with the intentionally-disheveled styling trend that's been taking over for the last year or so — leaving the ties of your clothing undone gives off a certain amount of IDGAF (not to mention adding a bit of motion to your look, for that perfect in-stride street-style snap). So, next time your look is getting strappy, or you decide to reach for that skinny scarf you bought and only wore once, roll with it and let those strings hangs loose. But, just be careful not to accidentally dip them into the toilet, your lunch, or or get them caught in a car door...Ah, the things we do for style.