What Does It Take To Get That One Perfect Street Style Shot?

It might look easy peasy. A beautiful girl wearing beautiful clothes, caught up in her own beauty and admiring all the beauty swimming around her, and — oh, a stray photographer manages to take a beautiful shot capturing it all. Like we said, easy peasy, right? Not so much.
More like, a beautiful girl who's wearing beautiful clothes is being barked at from all sides, standing in the middle of a parking lot while two dozen screaming photographers jab each other out of the way to try and capture a clean photo of said beautiful girl without visual detritus, all while she tries her best to maintain a casually serene attitude and not let her "OMG WHAT IS THIS?" face get the best of her. Less easy, huh?
For a better look at what we mean, click through to see the video of how one single Fashion Week street style picture gets captured. You'll never look at one of those snaps the same way again.

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