Edgy Summer Looks Straight From The Streets Of Pac Heights

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 19.]
This city is totally unpredictable. The weather, the people, the everything. Fact is, in S.F., you can easily meet a lawyer who moonlights as a dominatrix or a schoolteacher who spends nights DJ'ing at the Make-Out Room. That's what makes this town so appealing—we love to keep 'em guessing!
That’s why when we headed to upper Fillmore Street last Sunday to observe the upper crust in their native habitat—perhaps brunching with pals or shopping at one of the many swank boutiques—we weren’t completely shocked to find that Pac Heights' most stylish residents and visitors were packing a bit more edge than frou frou. Perhaps it was the Cherry Blossom Festival in full bloom down the street or maybe the fancy pants were taking the day off and replacing themselves with sweats. Either way, we found quite a few chic—and somewhat unpredictable—peeps worth snapping. Check them out and keep on keepin' it real, S.F.
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory

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