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Would You Drink “Hot” Or “Sticki” Vodka? Chalk Hopes So

Not to sound hopelessly unglamorous, but if there is anything Miami knows about in the summer, it's hot and sticky. The weather, the wet heat, the general malaise — it's all a part of the territory. Which may be why we totally get the launch of two new Stoli flavored vodkas, inspired by the first infused offerings the spirit brand ever released. Pertsovka, a spicier pepper vodka becomes "Hot," while "Sticki" takes after Okhotnichya, a honey and herb concoction.
To keep things hot (and possibly sticki sticky?), Stoli is offering a couple of Hot and Sticki-themed cocktails (for gratis, of course), plus some serious public ping-pong courtesy of adult playground-wonderland Chalk this very evening. With a themed mixology contest with MIA bartenders and specially created drinks, we don't mind getting a little bit hot and/or sticky. Just as long as mosquitos aren't involved.
When: Tuesday, June 19 at 9 p.m.
Where: Chalk Miami, 1234 Washington Avenue; 305-532-8662. RSVP here

Photos: Courtesy of Tara Ink.