Start-Ups: Silicon Valley Fails To Deliver — Are We Really Surprised?

It isn’t every day a show comes along that’s centered on life in the Bay Area. But, with the tech industry booming at a head-snapping pace and the minds behind these innovations piquing interest worldwide, it’s really no surprise the networks came a-knockin’. We were pretty wide-eyed when we first caught wind of Bravo’s new tech-centric show, Start Ups: Silicon Valley, heading to our boob tube. After all, it was a chance to vicariously boast to viewers and episodically show off the Bay’s whip-smart, entrepreneurial spirit. And as an Internet-based operation thoroughly integrated in the tech world, the concept resonated. But, after a few ill-fated previews — featuring frat-tastic parties and seemingly money-hungry Silicon Valley “players,” our amped-up interests began to dwindle.
But, we skeptically tuned in this Monday, despite the indicative trailers. And let’s just say, what we saw was nothing we ever expected to see spring out of our beloved Bay Area and quite frankly, are insulted. In fact, it was the antithesis of everything that our fair city embodies. We truly didn’t think it was possible to take an enclave with mounds of substance brimming from every curve and dilute it to a vapid, toga-clad circus, reflecting nothing of what makes start-ups so unique. As an internet start-up ourselves, those who get into the world of forward-thinking entrepreneurial enterprises usually are — after meeting, interacting, and working with those passionate individuals for years — just as focused on the future as they are on their brand. And not bickering over Bravo-highlighted snits.
Chock-full of party scenes, half-naked cast members, irrelevant arguments (the "drama" was about an unprofessional email sent during SXSW) — it isn't just a backwards representation, but more like a total embarrassment for the people who actually know what the start-up world is really like. And something tells us, it doesn’t involve taking a hangover-induced nap at the office of a high-powered VC or spray tanning at the Four Seasons. Sounds more like an episode of The Hills, eh? What’s more, we're scratching our heads trying to understand how or why Randi Zuckerberg let this fly — especially after vocalizing the show is a positive portrayal of women in tech. And after seeing the program, we wonder what Mark really thinks.
After just one episode, Start-Ups is already causing quite the stir, with a slew of outlets and enraged local viewers calling it out for its antics. We would say we’d tune in just to see if it does get better, but we just don’t know if we can stomach it. We really did expect to see Silicon Valley painted in a light that differs from The Real Housewives franchise, but we just can't say that this show does that. Are you with us on this one? We want to know what you make of the show and if you're as dumfounded as we are. Weigh in below!
Photo: Via Bravo/Start-Ups: Silicon Valley

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