Spray Serum: The Newest Way To Fancy Up Your Hair

spray-hair-serumPhoto: Courtesy of L'Oréal.
When it comes to serums, we're kind of connoisseurs. We've tried 'em all and we love the way they supercharge our skin-care regimen. Hair serums, on the other hand, have been a little more tricky for us to embrace. Some — like Kevin Murphy's Young Again — are on our MVP list for good hair days, but the majority of them have been harder to master. Unlike their skin-care cousins, these products aren't quite as seamlessly integrated into our existing routine. Maybe we're getting too Goldilocks about this, but we find the majority of them either too slippery (leading to grease problems) or too heavy. We feel ya, Ms. Locks.
Perhaps sensing our hesitation, the hair care industry has responded with a new little trendlet: sprayable serums. What exactly is a a spray serum, you ask? Here, let L'Oréal consulting celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak (Emma Stone's go-to hair guru) explain: "A spray serum is meant to add light shine and tame frizz over the top of a hairstyle. With dry hair, it can be hard to get it to look healthy and shiny by blowing it out so a serum spray adds light shine to the hair without weighing it down or compromising the style. It's more of a finishing touch to perfect a look."
According to Roszak, when buying a serum spray, make sure you choose one that comes out in a fine mist. "The application should be one that mists out a light amount of product so it covers the hair in a light coat. It should add shine that looks natural to the eye and looks beautiful in photographs. It's non-greasy and has no weight at all so [it] can be used on fine hair as well."
Since we were pretty much convinced we needed some spray serum in our life, we asked Roszak for her pro tips on adding this smart styler into an existing routine. "Shine spray should be used on dry hair only. I like to apply it from about an arm's length away, not directly on roots. It should be the last product to be applied — it's the finishing touch to a style. If you are going for a very sleek look, a bit more can be applied. If you are going for a more tousled style, you may just want a little bit to add a healthy shine without taking away from the texturized look." And, just like that, our latest beauty addiction was born.
L'Oréal Advanced Sleek It Strand Smoother Serum-Spray, $4.99, available at Drugstore.com.

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