5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 20 2012

Whoops! Looks like Snoop Dogg broke the “no tweeting” rule at Yammer CEO David Sacks’ incredibly extravagant, Marie Antoinette-themed bash. (Daily Mail)
Girls’ lead singer Chris Owens has an in-depth discussion with Stereogum about soccer. Who knew? (Stereogum)
Mission Chinese and FSC are featured in a recently released (and kind of creepy) short flick produced by Sunday / Paper. (Vimeo)
Artist Kelly Tunstall models some pretty enviable duds (hello, Isabel Marant!) ahead of her upcoming art show with husband and R29 cool dad Ferris Plock. (7x7)
Take an inside look at the menu and interior of new resto Surf Spot. (Eater SF)

Photo: Via 7x7