Slideshow: Chiditarod Shopping Cart Race 2011

Photos by Chyanne Husar.
If we break it down, the Chiditarod is just like the Iditarod, but replace the sleds with shopping carts and the dogs with people. Then slam it down in the heart of Chicago and add some freezing rain and snow to the mix. The other important thing to know about the Chiditarod is that it actually has a purpose, collecting funds and nonperishable food items for Chicago's disadvantaged residents (at least 42 pounds of food per team, to be exact). Entrants register as a team, and as you can see by the photos that follow, tradition suggests dressing in costume. Entrants take to the streets and race from start to finish checking in at various checkpoints (literally, bars) and the first team across the finish line wins. Leave it to Chicago to find a really, really fun way to survive March. Who's on our team next year?

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