All The Single Ladies … Should Live In S.F.? So Says Shape Magazine

Well, this comes as somewhat of a surprise. Shape magazine has dubbed S.F. one the hottest hubs for unattached ladies in its roundup of The 10 Best Cities For Single Women. Despite hearing conflicting arguments from our gal pals, San Francisco seemingly has oodles of offerings for women on the market — with research pointing to our town as the best place to nab a single (rich) man. But, it’s not all about the dudes and the dough, Shape magazine credits the guy-to-girl ratio, tech boom, outdoorsy activities (we second that!), and cupcake shops (seriously, Shape?) to contributing to citywide female bliss. Plus, it ranks pretty high (number two) on the American Human Development Index, which tallies women’s education, health, and income (in short, we’re healthy, bread-winning gals). What do you think of the claim? Agree or agree to disagree? Inquiring minds want to know. (Shape Magazine)
Photo: Via Shape Magazine

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