Are We Surprised? Start-Ups: Silicon Valley Is No More

We are thanking our lucky stars today as we no longer have to suffer through any more hoopla affiliated with the joke of a show — and not to mention unrealistic techie depiction — Start-Ups: Silicon Valley. It really comes as no surprise, since the second it aired it encountered mounds of backlash, from us included, for its Housewives-esque interpretation of life in the Bay. Well, the show has recently been moved to a less favorable time slot due to tanking ratings, and the two final (phew, final!) episodes will air back-to-back today. Consider that a wrap folks, as we’re fairly certain it won’t be coming back for round two. Are you as jazzed as we are to see it go, yet a pinch disappointed it didn’t live up to Silicon Valley standards? Weigh in below! (PandoDaily)

Photo: Via Bravo