Shop Topshop Today For Chicago-Exclusive Styles!

You've watched Topshop/Topman on Michigan Avenue come together piece-by-agonizing-piece. You're like, so ready to shop. We totally feel you, because we've been waiting with just as much anticipation and wonder. Forgive us for tempting you further, but we can't keep this to ourselves. Topshop has created a ton of Chicago-exclusive pieces just for us that you can only buy at the Topshop/Topman store on Michigan Avenue (suck it, World). We hope you realize that is a big deal to top all other big deals, and we better see you tomorrow morning bright and early for official opening of the store we've been waiting for all summer. And all our lives.
Topshop/Topman, 830 North Michigan Avenue, oepning 9/8/11.

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