Shop Hot Chicago Designers At Designer Direct!

Necklace by TZEN.
We've trusted Luxe Life for the hottest scores in luxury and vintage consignment, but those style heroes couldn't stop there. Luxe Life recently launched Designer Direct, an online store totally focused on bringing local Chicago designers into the e-commerce spotlight. In an effort to showcase emerging talent, Designer Direct hosts select pieces form each designer at a promotional price. What this really means is that you've got access to limited pieces at doable prices. Current designers include Crescendo, TZEN, Lauren Lein, and Tennille White. So, the next time you're stopped dead in your tracks on Division Street, you can tell your style admirer that you're rocking something totally rare and completely local. Who doesn't love being the object of everyone's envy?
Luxe Life, 744 North Clark Street; 312-235-2552.

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