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Would You Survive A Scream Movie? Here Are Your Odds, Based On Your Astrological Sign

January is a time for beginnings: A whole new year stretches ahead, entirely unmarred. We’re all feeling rested, sated, bolstered by family time and extra sleep, anticipating a brighter tomorrow. But don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security. Trouble is never far off…
In fact, it’s often in the moments we feel the most unguarded that danger lurks — which is why we’re using the forthcoming release from iconic horror franchise Scream as an excuse to keep you on your toes. So before you get too comfortable, perhaps it’s time you started watching your back. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Scream, it’s that the deadliest killers may well be in your inner circle. They could be lurking by your door at this very moment. Which is to say, you’re never as safe as you think you are. Will you be Ghostface’s next victim? Or will you fight back?
Well, in order to find out, we tapped horror enthusiast Robert Hickerson and psychic medium and tarot reader Sarah Potter to assess your odds of surviving a Ghostface attack, based on your astrological sign. Ahead, check out your horror-scope, learn how you might fare in the Scream-verse, share your survival percentage with friends, then catch the new Scream, only in theaters January 14.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 34%
You take your routines very seriously — and Friday nights are designated movie nights. You’ve selected your film (a horror movie, of course), and the popcorn is almost ready on the stove. You’re waiting for your partner, who is running a bit late, but this is normal — they never can seem to get it together. Walking from the kitchen into the living room, you hear a rustling outside, like someone stepping on a branch. It’s probably just an animal. You transfer your popcorn to a bowl, locate the remote, and get ready to settle in…then you hear another noise from outside. It most definitely is just an animal — nothing to worry about. 
You call your partner, but they don’t pick up, and you’re starting to get angry. The popcorn is getting cold, so you start nibbling — then your phone rings, and you pick it up right away. “Where are you?” you ask, sternly. “By the back door,” says a voice you don’t recognize. You pause, and you hear the sound again, only this time it’s loud. It’s not outside anymore. It’s inside. And now, you recognize the sound: footsteps…and they’re coming closer. 
“Tauruses prefer a slower, languid pace,” says Potter. “So if you are asking them to run, they would just…rather not.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. Ghostface is close, and you’re trapped. 
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 70%
It’s never easy being the glue of the group — but somehow, it always falls on you to keep the clique together. In fact, you’re the only reason the group text is alive, as you’re not particularly fond of spending time alone. So when one of your friends stops answering her phone — and no one has seen her for days — you’re the first to notice. And something in your gut tells you she’s not okay. 
“Geminis are curious thinkers who love to investigate and seek new perspectives,” says Potter. “This is the character who is always sussing out the why behind whatever spooky phenomenon is going on.” So naturally, you’re in investigation mode. 
You type out a text to the group chain asking if you should go to the police — but you worry that you’re being dramatic, so you erase it. What should you do? You grow more worried as your anxiety grows stronger. You make mental pro and con lists, you explore different scenarios in your mind — then you determine that your search is going nowhere. You need the authorities. So you type it out again: “We should go to the police” — but before you hit send you hear a tapping on your window. Your stomach drops as you make eye contact with Ghostface, whose mask is already stained with blood.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 48%
Your keen emotional intelligence and your guarded sense of self make you the wallflower at parties. “Cancers are very sensitive and watchful,” says Potter. “Often, for this reason, they notice things other people don’t.” Quiet but observant, lingering at the edges of a good friend’s holiday party, you pick up on the fact that people seem to be disappearing into the kitchen. 
A vacuum of dread opens in your chest. Something feels off. Why has no one returned from the other room? But your compassion outweighs your fear, and you can’t seem to ignore your compulsion to investigate — so off you go. 
You find yourself alone in the kitchen, and it’s eerily quiet. Someone has spilled a drink, and knocked a chair over on its side — but there’s no sign of them. Your uneasiness grows, but out of habit, you lean over to clean up the dark red liquid that has spilled across the floor. You stop suddenly — it’s not a drink. Your chest is pounding, and as you stand up, you realize someone has been standing in the doorframe, watching you this entire time. You slowly raise your eyes, heart racing, and come face to face with Ghostface, a knife dripping with blood clutched in his right hand. 
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 44%
You’re gorgeous, and you know it. But it’s tough to always be the life of the party. You schmooze and dance and when the drinks run out, it’s your job to salvage the evening. “Leos are natural born leaders so this character will always take charge,” says Potter. Fortunately, you know where the host keeps their secret stash. You tell your friends you’re going to be right back, as you make your way upstairs. 
It’s dark, but you know there’s a stocked mini fridge on the second floor. As you reach the landing, humming to yourself, you hear a creaking behind you that makes you stop. Surely, it’s just another partygoer — perhaps an adoring suitor. Maybe just someone playing a prank. 
You turn and realize that’s exactly what it is: Someone has gone through all the trouble to dress in a creepy black robe and a sinister white mask, just to freak you out. “Oh no, what are you the big bad monster here to hurt me?” you laugh. Man, people will go so far for the sake of a prank. You saunter over, ready to give whoever it is a piece of your mind. Then, you see the knife.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 78%
Some may say you are a perfectionist — but really, you just have a keen eye for detail. You like things the way you like them. So when a friend calls and asks you to spend the night, you’re a little reluctant. A sleepover will mean you’ll have to shake up your whole nighttime routine. 
That said, your friend is definitely spooked over the phone. And with all the recent murders you’ve been reading about in the news, you don’t want to leave them hanging. So you pack a bag and drive over to their place. 
Once you’re parked, you approach their doorstep, and you notice a few drops of dark liquid by the door. Sure, this friend can be particularly messy — but still, this seems odd. Why on earth would they have spilled on the front stoop? You feel uneasy as you ring the doorbell. Silence.
“Virgos will appear calm, cool, and collected on the outside — while secretly freaking out in their own heads,” says Potter. So yeah, you’re keeping it together, but you’re certainly anxious. This really isn't like your friend. You try again, and without hearing footsteps, you hear the door handle turn. This is wrong, you think. This is very, very wrong. Before you can say anything, you’re greeted through the open door by an unfamiliar dark figure in a white mask. “Hello,” he says in a low, deep voice. As he speaks, you notice your friend lying motionless behind him in the entryway.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 15%
You love a sense of community — and what with all the killings, you know your friends could use some reassurance. That’s why you invite everyone over. You think togetherness will be healing, and you want to restore some sense of order to the chaos. But in the middle of the party you notice that folks seem to be disappearing. The numbers in the living room are dwindling. Where could everybody be going?  
You scan the crowd and decide to go looking — just in case anyone needs an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Surely, your missing friends are just off taking a second for themselves. It’s only once you enter the backyard that you notice a shadowy figure off in the corner. You’re not sure who it is, but your gut says something is off. You feel paralyzed. The figure looks ominous — but what if it’s just a friend in need? 
“Libras are notoriously indecisive,” says Potter. “Even when they sense danger, they won’t know what to do, or which way to go.” You approach cautiously, but as you get closer, your heart starts beating. Maybe you should retreat? Call someone? Yell? Run? But while you’re debating the options, you notice the knife. The figure turns toward you and you see a face that’s all too familiar: Ghostface.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 85%
“Scorpios are totally mysterious,” says Potter. “You can never really know what’s going on with them. And usually, they’re equally skeptical of everyone else.” 
Simply put, you never trust a stranger. You’re guarded. And with all the recent killings, you know that anyone could be the culprit. Just because someone seems innocent, doesn’t mean they are innocent — so you keep your distance from any potential suspects (and even from some friends, just to be safe). You’re not going to end up on the wrong side of Ghostface’s knife. 
All week, you’ve been excommunicating friends from your inner circle, or saying no to party invitations. You’re the first to leave any event that seems…off. And when the phone rings and an unknown voice asks if you like scary movies, you hang up. It must be someone seeking revenge on you for skipping their party. But the phone rings again, and a voice says, “I like what you’re wearing.” Again, you hang up. Yes, you’re spooked — but it must be a friend. Or an ex-friend. The phone rings again, and the voice says the front door is unlocked. That can’t be true — you never leave the door unlocked — but you hang up and grab a knife from the kitchen. When you hear the front door open, you run in the opposite direction. The question is, where will you go? 
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 41%
You’re the restless friend. You’re constantly on the lookout for new experiences, a new lover, a new way of thinking. You can never sit still. So when you first heard news of local murders, it didn’t take long for you to start packing. Why the hell not? It’s a new adventure — might as well wait out all the drama elsewhere.
You decide to pack heavy — not just the essentials — because you’re not exactly sure where you’re going, or for how long. Details, shmetails. “The Sagittarius is a force when they’ve made up their mind,” says Potter. And it’s true: In a moment’s notice, you’re all but ready to go. 
Your suitcase is set, the car is in the garage, snacks are packed — but wait, where did you put your keys? Usually, you leave them in your jacket pocket or on the hook by the door, but they’re not in either place. You begin to feel a little frantic, searching pockets in the pile of dirty clothes in your room when you hear a door shut. You know the doors are all locked and the house is empty — you’ve just been through every room in search of your lost keys. You feel your heart pounding. You turn slowly and from a shadowy corner, a cloaked figure emerges, a knife in one hand, and your car keys in the other.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 83%
“Capricorns are hard workers who are diligent and detail oriented,” says Potter. So, in light of all the recent murder headlines, you know to trust your gut. You’ve got to make a plan if you’re going to stay safe. And certainly, no police officer will concoct a better plan than you. 
So when folks start disappearing slowly at a friend's holiday party, you grab your coat and head for the front door. If you’re going to outsmart this killer, you’re going to need supplies. But as you wait on the front porch for your Uber to arrive, you notice something off in the distance. Your heart begins to beat heavily in your chest as you make out two figures across the lawn: one standing and one on the ground. There’s something shiny between them. You squint, and as you do, the standing figure turns, and you can see that they’re wearing a white mask. It’s a mask you’ve seen before, a mask you know. Your eyes open wide as the figure notices you — and within an instant, they’re running toward you. They’ve got a knife gripped in their hand, and you only have a second to plot out your next move before it’s too late. 
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 90%
You love to play devil’s advocate. You’re unconventional, oppositional —  willing to think outside the box. “Aquarians see the world in a completely unique way,” says Potter. “They’re often capable of finding a new lens with which to view a situation.” So when things start going amiss around town, you take notice. You even start taking notes. You recognize patterns, and you make links between victims. You’ve seen enough horror movies to understand the basics of what’s happening. You know to stay put. Stay in a group. 
You call your friends to gather for a meeting, hoping you can all keep one another alive. But you’re the kooky free-thinker — and a few folks seem skeptical of your plan. That said, you still convince a handful of pals to come over, and when they arrive, you warn them about what’s going on — and what you’ve learned in your research. You tell everyone to stay together (you’ve listened to countless true crime podcasts, so you’re practically an expert). You’ve totally got this — and the more you talk, the more confident you feel. Until something catches your eye. Standing outside your house, you think you see a figure shrouded in darkness — but you blink and it’s gone. That’s when you hear the back door — the one you forgot to lock — open slowly. And out of the darkness in steps Ghostface.
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Rate: 4%
Yes, you’ve been called “sensitive” from time to time. But really, it’s not about being fragile, it’s about being emotionally attuned. That said, sometimes all that time spent excavating your emotional state can make you doubt yourself. When you’ve got a bad feeling about something, instead of running in the other direction, you often pause and check in with yourself. Ask yourself why you’re feeling that way. So when you hear unfamiliar footsteps coming from the basement — a level of the house you rarely enter — you freak out. But you’re quick to tell yourself that it’s probably nothing. It’s just the wind. You’re home alone. 
The footsteps grow louder — and heavier. You’re on the second floor and you hear them moving toward you. Maybe it’s a friend coming to visit, unannounced. As they get even louder, even closer to the door, you begin to cry. Not knowing where else to go — or who to call — you crawl under the bed. The footsteps stop in front of your doorway, and you put your hands over your mouth to muffle any noise. You hear the doorknob to your bedroom slowly turn, and you realize, for certain, this is not someone you know. 
Briefly, you think you should call 911 — but your phone is across the room on your desk. You see a pair of heavy boots traipsing slowly around your room before stopping at the foot of your bed. You’re crying, trying to hold back a scream, when you feel a hand grab you and pull you from under the bed. It’s only then that you see a face you recognize…only, it’s not a friend. It’s Ghostface. “I wanna play a game,” he says, looking you deep in the eyes. 
Illustration by Daniel Zender


Survival Percentage: 28%
With your desire to do what you want, when you want, you’re not often the type to hesitate. “Aries are fiercely independent, curious, and easily bored — so they’re definitely the character to go off exploring alone,” says Potter. This, coupled with a sense of courage, brings you out to the garage in the middle of a party. You hear a couple of loud bangs from inside — but surely, it’s just the wind. You notice other guests shying away, but you’re not scared.
Slowly, you open the door and flick on the light switch. Nothing happens. You figure the lights must be out — but fortunately, you came prepared with a flashlight. You shine the light around the space, and things appear normal: There are boxes stacked in piles, storage containers, old winter coats. You wander through the mess, wondering if the banging came from a fallen box or a window that was left open. Your heartbeat races as you move your flashlight around the garage. You know it’s nothing, you’re just scaring yourself, but still, there’s something eerie about this space. Then, you see it: the creaky open window. Of course. You laugh, reach out and close it, then turn back, eager to let the other party guests know about the source of the mysterious noise. But as you whip around, you come face to face with a hunting knife, glistening in the moonlight, held by none other than Ghostface. You’re alone, with nowhere to turn. 
Screenshot and share your results on social, watch the Scream trailer below, then snag your movie tickets asap.

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