9 Treatments To Soothe Your Winter Scalp

You're hardly aware of your own scalp until something happens, like getting your hair caught under a purse strap during a mad dash out the door. But, there it is, plugging away every day for you, growing hair and holding it in place. Every once in a while though, it gets tired of all the crap (like, you know, heat styling AND a polar vortex) and decides to stage a revolt: itchiness, dryness, flakes, brittle hair, slow growth. Your scalp is over it and wants attention. Now.
It's time for a scalp treatment, peeps. Splashed through your mane and rubbed through the roots, it's like sending flowers to apologize for all the stress and hateful things you do. We've got an elixir for whatever's ailing you, so put down the styling tools, block out some time, and prepare to show your scalp some love.

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