5 Common Scalp Issues You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed About

When it comes to taking care of our hair, it’s easy to forget about the scalp — probably because we’re far too focused on the parts people can see: our lengths and ends. But what if we said that your scalp is the #key to optimal hair health? The follicle, after all, is the only part of your hair that’s living.
While the scalp may seem to be more behind the scenes, it can impact everything from how long your hair grows to how soft and shiny it looks. Which means that, yes, those greasy roots are doing way more than emptying your dry shampoo stash (the spray could actually be harming your hair, but more on that later). On the flip side, giving your scalp a little extra TLC can do wonders, which is why we partnered with Head & Shoulders to break down the five most common scalp issues, what the root (pun intended) cause may be, and the steps you can take to solve each one. Read on, take notes, and take your hair-care routine to a whole new, shiny level.

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