Meet 11 Local Models Heating Up The Bay

Sure, we can't compete with New York or Los Angeles, when it comes to fashion faces who call the city home. Still, S.F. is a solid training ground where the prettiest of models all can quickly gain experience by booking work with the likes of Levi's and our coolest local boutiques before heading further afield.
And those who do roam among us definitely do us proud, so we thought it only right to check in with the most inherently stylish (and insanely awesome) models that S.F. has to offer. Click through to gaze at their gorgeous mugs (boys and girls alike) and learn their style secrets, fashion resolutions, and more. We're proving that beauty isn't just skin deep, here, people!
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Name: Taylor Rick

Age: 19

Agency: Stars Model Management
Lives in: Santa Cruz

Favorite Booking: “Adidas Originals.” 

Favorite Local Designer: “I'm not sure about designers, but my favorite local stylist is Amy Soderlind. I worked with her over the summer and love her earthy, bohemian vibe.”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “I've had the chance to work with students from the Academy of Art and the creative process there is so free, easy, creative, and fun.” 
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “I love my Grandma's turquoise ring, which I received on my last birthday. I wear it everywhere I go.”
What's your best beauty secret? “I put ChapStick on my eyelids before I apply shadow — it makes eye makeup lasts hours longer!”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “Having the confidence of Heidi Klum every time I step outside.” 

Taylor wears a vintage lace top, thrifted pants made into shorts, her mother’s belt, vintage bracelets, her grandmother’s rings, and a Nasty Gal hat.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Nida Thaingtham

Age: 22

Agency: Look Model Agency
Lives in: Downtown S.F.

Favorite Booking: “Nasty Gal! The owner Sophia is a good friend of mine, and shooting with her is always a blast! Also, the end-of-year show at the Art Institute of S.F., because there's always an open bar.”

Favorite Local Designer:Litter. Their body jewelry is so sexy.”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “The fashion industry here is still growing. It's so new, young, and fresh that when you make a name for yourself with one designer or store, you get recognized easily and book a lot of gigs. You also get to work with amazing designers and entrepreneurs and become a part of something they put their life and love into.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “A fleur de lis necklace with a gold chain.”
What's your best style secret? “A stylist showed me that if you put rubber bands on jacket sleeves, it keeps the arms cinched up.”
Fashion Resolution for 2012:  “I want to start doing more DIY fashion projects! And start wearing a bra.”

Nida wears an H&M blouse, Nasty Gal bustier, vintage skirt, Dolce Vita boots, vintage necklace, miscellaneous bracelets and a ring from her boyfriend.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Alexis Carene Hutt

Age: 23

Agency: Look Model Agency
Lives in: Oakland

Favorite Booking: “Noel Gallagher’s "High Flying Birds" music video.”

Favorite Local Designer: “Kathryn McCarron.”

What's special about being a model in S.F.? “I have a special relationship with my agent that mimics a family tie and it’s been a tremendous journey growing with my friends and colleagues in the same, or related fields. We all come from a pocket of hopes and dreams and timing, and are managing to make an impact, simply because we love our work and are inspired by our environment.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “It’s a tie between the best friend ring I got on a Navajo reservation off Old Route 66 and my black velvet ‘death shroud.’”
What's your best style secret? “After a hot shower and shave, blast yourself with cold water, which shrinks the pores and fat cells. I know it sounds scary, but it’s refreshing when the room is steamy. And use a deep conditioning lotion to gloss up your limbs. Also, if you are really tripping in cellulite or you're going to wear mega booty shorts, double up on those pantyhose and hit the town!”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “This year I'm focusing on representing the many women present inside of me and having fun, working hard, and raising hell.” 

Alexis wears a vintage Chanel headscarf, vintage sunglasses, earrings she made herself, vintage leather bra, Cheap Monday blouse, Forever21 jeans, vintage ballroom dancing shoes, a silver Native American necklace, and rings she bought on vacation.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Kris Jung

Age: 18

Agency: Stars Model Management 
Lives in: Danville

Favorite Booking: “The cover of the San Francisco Chronicle's SFiS."

Favorite Local Designer:Zoë Hong.”

What's special about being a model in S.F.? “The market is smaller here, so I always see familiar faces at shoots.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “My grandmother’s mink coat with her name stitched in the lining.”

What's your best style secret? “Wearing black thigh-high socks or black tights with black shoes can make legs look super long.”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “Not to buy as many shoes.”

Kris wears a vintage mink, thrifted top, American Apparel skirt, Calvin Klein tights, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, an heirloom cocktail ring and a double-skull ring from Brandy Melville, Marc Jacobs razorblade necklace, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Puja Bhattacherjee

Age: 27

Agency: Stars Model Management
Lives in: Hayes Valley

Favorite Booking: “Vivienne Westwood. She has a youthful vigor when it comes to spirit, imagination, creativity, and execution. Meeting her and working with her was a very special and memorable experience that helped me see fashion in a wonderful light."
Favorite Local Designer: “I don't really have one, but I'm a sucker for everything at Jeremy's!”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “The calm and friendly fashion scene and how insane (and healthy) the food is.”
Most treasured article of clothing: “My vintage Harley leather jacket.”
What's your best style secret? “Taping my shoes to my feet. I've never had a shoe mishap ...yet!”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “To improve my high-heel walking stamina.”

Puja wears a Helmut Lang dress, Ash boots, and American Apparel leggings.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: I’Von Lakey
Age: 25
Agency: JE Model
Lives in: "I lay my head in the East Bay, but I'm a hardcore city boy, so Downtown and SoMa are where it's at for me. I practically live there."
Favorite Booking: “My favorite S.F. booking has to be Old Navy. The people there are crazy nice.”
Favorite Local Designer:The Brooklyn Circus has great American designs with an urban sensibility.”
What’s special about being a model in S.F.? “The community. I’m represented in LA and on the East Coast, but the S.F. modeling scene is super fun, social, friendly, and respectful.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “I have a red bracelet I wear, honoring my best friend who passed away from heart failure last year.”
What's your best style secret? “Rolling up either your pant legs or button-down shirt instantly makes you chic. For the best roll, just fold up twice and pull. Perfect rolls are for followers!”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “360-degree tailoring.”

I’Von wears a Calvin Klein shirt, vintage Bloomingdale’s Men’s Store tie, Heritage 1981 leather jacket, Dockers pants, and Calvin Klein shoes.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Jillian Lieber
Age: 18

Agency: Stars Model Management
Lives in: Lincoln, CA

Favorite Booking: “An editorial I shot with Rus Anson."

Favorite Local Designer:Gr.dano and Micaela Greg.”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “Seeing all the different styles that people have to offer.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “My scarves. I always have one on or in my bag.”
What's your best style secret? “I always plan my outfits around both my Converse and my heels.”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “To keep finding style inspiration throughout my career.”

Jillian is wearing Serengeti sunglasses, a shirt scooped up in her hometown, Love Culture jeans, and a Dooney & Bourke purse.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Page Ruth
Age: 16
Agency: Look Model Agency
Lives in: San Francisco
Favorite Booking: “I work with an online store called Dolls Kill a lot. Their clothes are so rad.”
Favorite Local Designer: “Dexter Flawk! His designs are so creative and he's just a fabulous person in general.”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “I think it’s a great place to start building your career.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “My vintage platform sneakers that make me feel like a Spice Girl.” 
What's your best style secret? “I usually carry Tide pens.”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “I want to get more creative with my outfits; I tend to wear variations of the same thing every day.”

Page is wearing a vintage dress from Painted Bird, a UNF jacket, a belt from Hot Topic, Topshop knee-highs, creepers from eBay, jewelry from Topshop and Urban Outfitters, and a Marc Jacobs purse.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Alex Michels

Age: 18

Agency: Stars Model Management
Lives in: Walnut Creek
Favorite Booking: “Probably my magazine shoot with Nich Aitken. We put green extensions in my hair that were insane. The clothes were great, as well, and we all had a good time listening to Beyoncé while shooting.”

Favorite Local Designer: “Levis!”

What's special about being a model in S.F.? “It's not as high octane as modeling in New York or Europe. I’m able to be a full-time student in addition to the work I do. So, it's pretty cool for me and my parents.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “Oh, that's easy, my glasses! Someday I’ll be brave enough to get contacts.”
What's your best style secret? “Oddly enough, having a stylish iPhone case can turn some heads.”

Fashion Resolution for 2012: “Focus on footwear, particularly getting some nice, colorful socks.”

Alex wears an H&M henley, thrifted plaid shirt and coat, and H&M pants.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Lisa McGee

Age: 24

Agency: “I'm a free agent.”

Lives in: “I've been on the road for the better part of a year playing music in my project Vestals, as well as collaborating with friends and traveling. I'm currently unhinged, but will probably settle down again in the near future. I used to be in Alamo Square.”

Favorite Booking: “The most recent shoot I did was for the Mission boutique Mira Mira. That project was super cool. I wish I could have kept every piece I modeled!”

Favorite Local Designer: “I modeled some pieces for jewelry designer Claire Hummel a couple years ago. All of her pieces are so unique and thoughtful, and I love that they are one of a kind. I also have a jumpsuit from local brand Curator that I get complimented on every time I wear it.”
What's special about being a model in S.F.?  “It’s cool to work closely with independent designers and small business owners. I really appreciate the personal quality that comes from working on a small scale.”
Most treasured article of clothing or jewelry: “I bought this really beautiful breastplate necklace while traveling in Istanbul. The jewelry in Turkey is insane. I also have a vintage southwestern blanket jacket that I've been practically living in for a few years. It’s hard to imagine life without it.”
What's your best style secret? “I buy secondhand clothes and alter them to fit me. I look for a general shape as well as high-quality fabric, then have it tailored to my size. A lot of times I'll change some detail of the garment like the hem or the neckline to make it more modern or flattering to my shape.”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “Investing in high-quality timeless pieces, and not getting caught up in fast fashion.”

Lisa wears a Theory blouse, vintage skirt, Topshop boots, Erin Templeton leather purse, and a random assortment of necklaces and rings.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Name: Brianna Olenslager
Age: 20
Agency: Look Model Agency
Lives in: Sacramento
Favorite Booking: “My all-time favorite booking was for Sasha Igardi. She is an Italian shoe designer working in S.F. The shoot itself was so interesting. I really got to get creative with my poses and Sasha's styling was so dark and tasteful. The photos came out so amazing that I ended up on the cover of the Chronicle."
Favorite Local Designer:Kathryn McCarron. There's such a laid-back sexy feel about her clothing and all I ever want to be in life is this sexy, laid-back, expensive-looking, badass chick. Who doesn't?”
What's special about being a model in S.F.? “Everyone knows everyone else. We're like one big family and we take care of each other. If it weren’t for the friends I have in this industry, I wouldn't be where I am today.”
What's your best style secrets? “Save everything. Being a model, I'm pretty good at maintaining my size and I have clothes from when I was in 8th grade going through my punk-rock Avril Lavigne phase. I had pretty interesting taste then, and we all know fashion tends to repeat itself, so why throw your hard work away?”
Fashion Resolution for 2012: “To stop caring about what other people think. I spend most of my mornings putting together the sweetest outfits, but then I change and start all over because I don't want people to think I'm crazy because I'm wearing a hamburger sweatshirt with shorts and stockings. I need to remind myself that it's not really my style if I continue to hold myself back.”

Brianna wears American Apparel socks, Urban Outfitters shoes, a Forever21 jacket, and a Juicy Couture purse and jewelry.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory

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