Want To Help Reinvent S.F.? Donate To These Kickstarter Campaigns

mainPhoto: Via Kickstarter/Rumpl.
In San Francisco, light bulbs are constantly flashing above our denizen’s heads, bright ideas aplenty. But, not all innovators have venture capitalists knocking on their doors, begging to fund their quirky-cool ideas. That’s where R29 comes in! To get in on the enterprising action, we’ve rounded up the five most groundbreaking Kickstarter campaigns coming out of the Bay this very moment. Go break that piggy bank, dip into your mattress fund, or whip that plastic out — whatever you got to do, because these projects come with perks galore. Review them below, then get ready to add “investor” to your resume.
Pakka Pets
If your apartment isn’t exactly pet friendly and you’re pining for a pooch, this Kickstarter venture is second best. Proto Games has launched a page on the fundraising site to bring Pakka Pets to our smartphones. The utterly adorable game lets you adopt your very own creature, from a kitty to a dinosaur, to smother with love. You’ll decorate, cook, and play without having to commit to real-life woes like fleas, vet bills, and all that shedding. With more than twenty days left on the clock, Proto Games is just $5,000 away from its goal, so go ahead and pledge anywhere from $10 to $10,000 to make this adorable application a (virtual) reality.
When PianoFight reaches its goal on Kickstarter, you’ll — officially — never have an excuse to be bored in S.F. again. The mission here is to create a multi-dimensional entertainment space filled with two lively theaters, with performing acts ranging from plays like ballet-slash-horror comedies to audience-voted playwright competitions. And, when all those good times and laughing fits leave you peckish, you can head over to its bar and restaurant for some grubbin’. The destination will be smack-dab in the middle of the Tenderloin, which will help revitalize the oft-avoided ’hood. The “creative playground” has already received 90% of its needed funding from private investors, and is now turning to the public for its last stretch of funds. Currently standing at just over $100,000, this project needs to raise another $20,000 by January 17. Donating may make your pockets a tad lighter, but once it comes to life, you’ll be full of delicious fare and laughter. What could be better?
Road trippers, allow us to introduce you to this innovative travel product. The Rumpl blanket will be a must-pack item whenever you hit the road once it reaches its funding goal. It’s a completely durable blanket that can withstand the craziest of weather patterns and even comes with stain and odor resistant properties thanks to its DWR coating. Make this cover more than just a bright idea by donating up to $500, and you may just develop a Linus-like obsession for this getaway swathe.
ModaCine International Film Festival
San Francisco might not be known as a thriving hub for film or fashion, but this hopeful Kickstarter campaign is looking to change that. ModaCine, a sartorially-focused film festival, is attempting to raise funds to take style off the runway and onto the silver screen. In addition to the flicks, ModaCine would present a catwalk show featuring threads dreamt up by local fashion designers, including Hector Manuel, Herbert Victoria, and Dahae Elyse Kim. The festival needs to raise another $54,000 (with just a grand donated thus far!), so c'mon — grab your wallets, pop some popcorn, and wait for those curtains to open.
The Duo
When it comes to producing robust beans, San Francisco coffee companies have it down to a science. So, it’s only natural that java machines keep up with the innovation. This newly developed steeper is modernizing the age ol’ ritual of brewing in the form of its gizmo, The Duo. How does it work, you ask? It combines the fermenting processes of both the French press and pour-over systems for the ultimate cup of joe, in the comfort of your casa. And, we’re not the only ones impressed with this distilling doodad — it’s already received full funding! We're highlighting the project now, so you can still get in on its donating perks, like fancy dinners and demo classes.

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