60 Seconds With The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee

So, there are funny chicks, and then there's Samantha Bee, who has to be one of the smartest funny chicks out there. The Most Senior Correspondent for The Daily Show, Bee has recently taken up with Dove as the brand's official "Truth Sleuth" (view videos here in which Bee has a shower curtain attached to her body in the middle of Times Square). Here, Bee schools us on last-minute beauty tips and why it's really okay to stop trying to be perfect all the time.

So tell us how you got involved with Dove. That shower curtain is a great look for you.

"It's been really fun. It was a really good fit for me because I've used Dove my whole life. I really admire their campaigns, so it felt like the right fit for me."


So, what's your biggest beauty gripe in your beauty routine?

"I don't love that period in between the time you've washed your hair and when you have to blow-dry it and you have to get it at just the right moment. You can't do it too late, but you also can't do it too soon. That window of time is very narrow, and I really hate to be pressured in that way. I don't like be forced into that window of blow-drying ability. But, it happens every day and I often miss it."

Especially with your bangs, right? If you miss the window, it's all just ruined.

"And then you just have to tie it in a ponytail."

Do you have any quick beauty tricks to get a last-minute boost?

"I do! I always do my makeup in the sunlight, but I still look so dang tired at the end of it! Somehow, I still look so groggy and drab. So I do a couple of ballerina dots: a couple of little white dots with eyeshadow in the inside corners of my eyes, and it freshens me up. It's a really good trick."

Ballerina dots! You should copyright that. So, what is one beauty truth that you think women need to hear?

"They need to hear that they don't need to try so hard all the time. You can give yourself a break, because having hairy legs is actually okay. And there are lots of people out there who love people with hairy legs. There's someone out there for everyone, so you don't need to be perfectly shorn all the time!"


You're married. What are your thoughts on man grooming? What's too much, and what's just enough?

"There's a balance to be struck for both parties. Neither party should be in the bathroom for an hour. You have to find out what's your middle ground, what's acceptable to you. For the male, do you want to have hair on the bridge of your nose? Or are you willing to take that step to fix it? Or do I want to have really bushy eyebrows? And, you know what, sometimes I do want to have bushy eyebrows. Men should pay a little attention to grooming, because women do a lot. We live in a civilized world, so let's all try, say, 25 percent of the time, eh?"

How do you feel about beauty trends lately? Is there a trend that freaks you out, or something you're intrigued by?

"I love really bright lipstick, but I can't pull it off. I don't have lips — well, I have very thin lips — and when I put a very bright lipstick on them, it's very weird. If i catch my reflection, it frightens me. But, I love it on other people, I think it's so pretty."

Did you have a beauty icon when you were growing up, and do you still love that look today?

"One of my beauty icons was Lynda Carter: Wonder Woman! I used to watch Wonder Woman as a little girl and think "oh, she's so pretty!" It's not like Lynda Carter was my acting icon, or my life icon, but as a beauty icon she was stunning to me. She and Mary Tyler Moore were my beauty icons, two ends of the spectrum. Different, but they had a similar hairdo."

Photo: Courtesy of Edelman PR

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