Meet The Sisters Behind The U.K.’s Coolest Nail-Polish Brand

If there's one thing we're nuts about, it's nail-polish. Pale, bright, crazy polish—we'll take it! So, to nourish our obsession, we tapped into London's brilliant, dynamic polish duo, Ange and Vernice Walker, founders of the super-chic and sophisticated brand, Rococo Nail Apparel. Since creating their company, the two sisters have gained serious nods from industry giants and garnering a strong, eclectic following, including devotees Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn. Contributed their talents to television, fashion shows, and music videos, they have recently clinched an exclusive holiday collection with a major fashion house (unfortunately, however, it's totally hush hush). Through more than 15 years of industry experience and a keen creative eye for design and color, Ange and Vernice have managed to create a unique brand that is not just polish; Rococo is a celebration of personal style and attitude. Plus, these ladies are drop-dead gorgeous—jealous yet? We got the Walker sisters to spill on their inspirations, what it's like to work with fam, and everything about their two new collections that will drive you Rococo crazy.

While growing up, did you always know you wanted to work

Vernice: "It wasn’t planned, it just happened, but we work well together. It’s also really great that we’ve been able to share the whole experience."
Ange: "We both have creative backgrounds, so it's great when someone understands your vision and is as excited as you are! The two of us complement each other. Although we are very different, we still respect each other’s views."

What prompted you to develop your own polish line? Did you feel something was missing in the nail-polish industry?
A: "Nail color is like a fashion accessory, you could wear nail color as if it were a great piece of jewelry, or to compliment your look, update, or even stamp out your style. There were not many nail-color brands you could go to for the next, hot, must-have shades. A brand whereby, if you if you purchased that shade, you would love and cherish it until it was completely finished."

What are your go-to beauty products? Have they evolved since getting more involved in the beauty industry?

V: "By Terry Touché Éclat! I love that they have the new shades, NARS Multiple in Orgasm."
A: "I have always been heavily into amazing, flawless-looking and natural skin, but I really love beautiful fragrance… We truly underestimate its power, and I have studied how fragrance can influence your feelings or touch your mind and your soul. Tom Ford’s fragrances are currently my favorite; The Vanilla Tobacco is lust-worthy, and my taste has always been quite sensual and feminine. Since working in this industry, I have been introduced to some wonderful new discoveries including Kilians' range of fragrances, which I admire and adore."

Describe the Rococo Nail Apparel Girl.
V&A: "The Rococo girl is more of a woman, she’s sexy and feminine. But she’s also very cool and edgy with a touch of rock-'n'-roll."
How did you come up with the name Rococo?
V&A: "Rococo is a period in art history, which we both love. The architecture and furniture was elaborate and ornate. It was an amazing time."
Some of your inspiration for colors come from current trends. What are some of your favorite trends? Are there any that you wish would disappear?
V: "Every trend has its time and runs its course, but one of my favorites is the jewel-tone trend that’s around this autumn/winter. Our New Geisha Collection wasn’t based on this, but fits really well. The shades are a little bit rock-'n'-roll, and it’s a brighter winter, which we haven’t seen for a while.

Your recent collections are polar opposites; The Nude Collection and
The New Geisha Collection. Are they made for two separate girls? Can you
tell us how each collection came to fruition?

V&A: "The nudes came about after mixing shades on photo shoots and backstage at fashion shows. There was a real need to create an enhanced natural nail, and we feel the final collection is perfect for creating that highly polished look. New Geisha was our tribute to Japan. We love everything about the collection. Japanese artistry, tradition, and culture inspired us, and the idea was to capture the spirit of a new modern Geisha through color."


Can you tell us more about the red topcoat/tint from the EmpoweRED
Duo Kit coming out in your holiday collection? What inspired this idea? We're intrigued!

V: "Every woman wants the perfect red! We were trying to think of a way that you could mix the perfect red at home for yourself and we came up with the tint. You have the power to customize your red manicure. (Rococo EmpoweRED will launch for the holiday season in November)."

Has your passion always been nails? How did you get involved in the
nail-polish industry?

V: "Our passion has always been art and creativity, nails happened along the way for me. I studied fashion at London College of Fashion, but I loved painting nails. Ange studied space and interior design, she also loves history and the chemistry side of things. We interpret things from an artistic point of view, and combine it with our love for fashion and beauty."
A: "As a child experimenting with a home lab kit, I blew up copper sulfate and made the best blue/green ceiling shade ever. (We really need to make this shade!)"

How do you feel about the growing nail-art trend? Do you think it will last and grow, or that people will go back to basics?
V: "I think the nail-art trend is great as it is a bit of fun. I think the trend will come and go. Nails are in the spotlight and prove our point that nails are a big accessory. So, whether or not you choose to have tiger stripes or a nude, you are making a statement that is personal to you."
Rococo Nail Apparel is available exclusively (in the U.S.) at Space NK.

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