Happy News: Robin Givhan Returns To Fashion Week

One of the things we love most about Fashion Week Month is the smart, sophisticated criticism that eventually rises above the social chatter — the thought-provoking pieces penned by veteran editors who've seen enough catwalk action to know what's good and what's revolutionary. Couple that with our love for Washington (and the people who make it unique), and it's a given that we're stoked to see former Post fashion critic and Pulitzer Prize-winner Robin Givhan returning to the shows this season. After a year off, Givhan will attend the New York and Paris shows for New York magazine's The Cut, and the mag has an interview with Givhan today on how she feels about her time away, her new book, and why race and underage models are still a problem for the industry.
Givhan is already the queen of the smart-and-sassy quote, and she doesn't fail to disappoint in the interview. On the importance of popular designers who are deemed "too commercial" by, ahem, fashion snobs, she says this: "It takes a certain skill to be able to connect with a broad range of people, and it takes a certain integrity to say that I’m not going to limit my view to, you know, 10 size-two girls who have $10,000 to spend on a new wardrobe every season." Zing! That's one way to say power to the people, right? (The Cut)
robinPhoto: Via The Cut.

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