Sweet Savings! Score Extra-Fancy Desserts For Just $3

PBMousse 3x4
Sure, our roundup of the 10 best chocolate desserts could easily satisfy any sweet tooth, but your budget is another story. However, before you make your way over to the on-sale Easter candy at Walgreens (stale Peeps are no bueno), we suggest you steer your attention to fancy resto RN74 and its trio of ultra-delicious desserts, which are now just $3 a piece!
The reason? In celebration of its third birthday, RN74 isn’t blowing out candles on a typical birthday cake. Instead, it's adding cocktail and dinner items to its menu, while slashing the prices on signature confections like Peanut Butter Mousse, Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta, and an assortment of French cookies. Is your mouth watering yet? Just head over to the French resto anytime between Monday and Saturday, and get your sugar fix for less. Deets below!
When: From Sunday, April 22 to Saturday, April 28, 11:30 a.m to 10: 30 p.m.
Where: RN74, 301 Mission Street (between Fremont and Beale streets); 415-543-7474.
Photo: Courtesy of RN74

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