This Collection Will Make You Consider Buying A Second Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress can be a stressful disaster. It's like meeting the perfect partner: Rarely is the first option (or second, or third...) the one. Nowadays, however, some of the pressure can be alleviated, as more and more women are opting to buy two gowns for their big day — consider this the main squeeze and the side piece.
The main squeeze, of course, is the ceremony dress. This is the one you'll be actually getting married in, the dress that has you saying yes to the stress. It's usually (but definitely not always) more traditional, white or off-white, and can sometimes cost a fortune. The side piece, on the other hand, is the dress you wear after the ceremony. It's the dress that you can let loose in because you're married and you finally don't care what color the napkins are, or if your bridesmaids wore their hair the way you asked them to, already happened.
The upside to having multiple options are easy: You'll feel refreshed for the party, you'll get the opportunity to rock two badass looks, and you'll (hopefully) feel slightly more comfortable as you dance the night away. The downside, though, is that buying a second dress isn't exactly budget-friendly — but it can be. For that wedding dress 2.0., we recommend scanning through Reformation's latest bridal collection; its dresses are reasonably priced (at least in the wide world of bridal) and just as amazing-looking as you'd want to be after a nuptial wardrobe change.
Take a look through the slideshow ahead to meet your match. One of these dresses could be the gown of your dreams — or the second best thing.

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