5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 22 2011

Cutest couple in fashion? You bet. (Details)
If you're in the market for striped camera straps for your beloved Canon (and really, with these candy colors, who could resist?), Roberu's got just the thing for you. (Highsnobiety)
How big of a Glee-k are you? Check out Racked's guide to what Rachel Barry and the gang should wear to Nationals. (Racked)
It really shouldn't come as a surprise that rapper Nicki Minaj has more than one hundred wigs. What we really want to know is how many of them are pink? (Allure)
Playboy prides itself on being the classiest men's magazine out there. Especially since Hef's hired Marchesa to redesign the iconic bunny look in time for the May 26th opening of the new Playboy club in London. (Vogue)

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