Do You Borrow Your Dude’s Razor?

We've all been guilty of engaging in a little beauty borrowing from our men. In fact, according to a recent survey by Gillette, 30% of women actually go out of their way to use male-orientated products. The most swiped item has to be his razor. It gives us (at least in our opinion) a much closer shave, which benefits him in the end anyway, right?
Well, as it turns out, that whole closer-shave thing is all in our heads: The truth is that the blades in his razor are virtually the same ones that are in your lady shaver. Whoops. While you may think using his razor will give you a closer shave à la Venus spokesperson Jennifer Lopez here, you're actually making it harder on yourself. Lady shavers usually have a more prominent moisturizing strip to hydrate skin and are shaped specifically to tackle hard-to-reach areas like the backs of knees and ankles. Plus, since men shave over the sink instead of in the shower, they don't need no-slip grips like we girls do, to help us from fumbling our de-fuzzers.
Are you dedicated to dude razors or do you stick to the girly groomers?

Photos: Via Gillette

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