Rad Or Bad? Baby Bangs Make A Comeback

As much as we love revisiting our '90s Delia's catalogs, we can't say we've had any real longing to see some of our more questionable beauty choices resurrected into the current trend rotation. Case in point: baby bangs. The majority of R29'ers sported the super-short, wispy fringe back in the day, at one point or another. Hell, some of us even went so far as to cut our own. The results, as you can imagine, made us look like insane-asylum escapees, but we were convinced that Blossom would approve of our sassy DIY style.
Looking back now, we recognize our youthful naïveté, so we really can't understand why the beauty powers that be have suddenly decided that this awful cut should return. Zoe Kravitz, Rooney Mara, Claire Boucher, and now Yves Saint Laurent are all guilty of promoting the heinous hack. Read on for more on the worst offenders — and also the girls who are kinda making us rethink our aversion to the look.

Photos: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages; Via Yves Saint Laurent

In Rooney's defense, we know her bangs are part of her The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo character, and we have to give her props for her creativity in disguising them on the red carpet. And, with Zoe, we wanted to say that she's too young to remember, but when your dad is a '90s music icon, you don't get a free pass. Canadian songbird Claire Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, is the only one who's kind of pulling it off, but when you're as talented as she is, you can get away with pretty much anything (ahem, Gaga).
But now, Yves Saint Laurent is taking the style from grunge revival to high fashion with the release of their spring '12 ads: They feature Mariacarla Boscono sporting rounded baby bangs and thin, penciled on brows, another '90s beauty trend we'd rather forget. We're sorry, but after the trauma we are still subjected to every time we look at old yearbook photos, we just cannot get behind this.
What's your take on baby bangs? High-concept hairstyle or a look that's best left back in the past?

Photos: Rex/Rex USA; John Londono/Rodeo

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