This Is Our Jam: Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, "The Blood Of Brethren"

You have to give credit to the Bergen, Norway based duo Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo for sticking with their band name – especially one that’s an apparent reference to Akira (a classic Japanese manga and anime, for those of you who aren't otaku). But, unwieldy moniker aside, if you give “The Blood of Brethren” a chance, you’ll be rewarded with a surprisingly poppy piece of psychedelia that’s not nearly as dour than its title. Founding members Njål Paulsberg and Eirik Nordstrand mix Beach Boys-indebted melody with psych-rock guitar and synth flourishes for an effect that more than justifies the band’s six-member live show. After one listen, PYHUFNT is an acronym you won't soon forget.
Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo—Mausoleum
"The Blood of Brethren"
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