Purrrrfectly Chic Apartments For Homeless Cats

If New Yorkers are known for being rude and impatient, we're also known for complaining to anyone or everyone within earshot about what small, cramped quarters we live in (with some, um, exceptions). Well, the good news is that we've found some sweet new pads designed by world-class architects — and the rent is totally free! The bad news: These apartments are not for us, but rather, for cats. For the second year in a row, the best designers and architects in New York have come together for the Giving Shelter design competition in an effort to create winter shelters for the city's homeless cats. The end results were showcased at a benefit on December 6, and it's making us really wish that people-sized versions of these modern cat pods soon make an appearance. The winning design, created by Co Adaptive and Kathryn Walton, comes in an ultra-hip bright yellow shade and contains a high-tech data monitoring device, which allows a base station to monitor how long a cat stays in a given shelter and how much it weighs. Okay, we could do without the weighing part for ourselves, but then again, we're just happy knowing that our favorite furry creatures have a warm place to crash during the cold winter nights, where they can dream of big burgers to nom on and maybe, one day, a family to cuddle with (awww)! (Fast Co Design)
Photo: Via Fast Co Design

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