A PUBLIC Bikes Pop-Up Is Coming To Valencia Street

PUBLIC Bikes Valencia
As if Valencia Street didn't already have enough going on, the Mission strip is about to get even buzzier with the addition of an 8-month PUBLIC Bikes shop-in-shop, poppin up inside Harrington Galleries, at the corner of 17th.
The dreamy bike makers over at PUBLIC tell us that the narrow, 700-square-foot temporary space will be filled with bikes by early to mid April and they're looking to hire and train bike-savvy employees now (apply here if you're interested!).
Other than that basic info, PUBLIC shared a pretty little picture of the still-in-progress shop with us, which showcases a baby blue wall with a big logo, flanked by beautiful reclaimed-wood treatments, and a few chandeliers hovering overhead.
Like what you see? Us, too. Trust we'll keep you updated once those lickable cycles start occupying the space. Until then, take a look at our drool-worthy bike candy slideshow, this gallery of stylish old-school Hollywood stars on bikes, and our bike-rider's guide to San Francisco. Ready to ride? We thought so.
PUBLIC Bikes Pop-Up At Harrington Galleries, 599 Valencia Street (at 17th Street); 415-861-7300.
Photo: Courtesy of PUBLIC Bikes

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