Art School: Street-spotting the Pop Patterns of Keith Haring

From the Bowery to our bodies, we're seeing Keith Haring everywhere. He currently has an exhibition at Deitch Studios in Long Island City, a new Rizzoli monograph, and has reached probably the highest pop-factor possible—that is, inspiring a balloon in the upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Yes, the graffiti prints that trademarked the artist's style—simple, but with plenty of piazzaz—are making a comeback in fashion, be it in L.A. or Estonia. While the late artist's work has been seen in recent collaborations with Uniqlo and Jeremy Scott, the memory of his social activism is of particular note to our freshly changing times, and street style is certainly showing it. While we love the downtown mural, another Bowery location has made a recent exciting Haring addition. Liam McMullan curated a photo show at Blue & Cream of iconic '80s artists, including a stand-out portrait of Haring, an image that the store will be printing on T-shirts just in time for Christmas.
And if you can't buy art, why not clothes—it's in his Pop Shop spirit. While we wait to snag up one of those Ts, check out the artist's wearable patterns we've rounded up from across the globe.
Top, from left: "Penniless fashion student" Hannah S. in Haring-inspired pants via Lookbook, Toronto; Mark Hunter in a Haring-esque shirt via The CobraSnake, Los Angeles.
Above: The Keith Haring exhibit at Deitch Projects, Long Island City
Above, from left: Jeremy Scott for Adidas Keith Haring hightops being used as a beer koozy via Chictopia; a Jeremy Scott for Adidas Keith Haring sweat suit for sale on eBay.
Above: The Keith Haring mural on Houston Street, NYC.
Above, from left: A Moschino Jeans jacket in the style of Haring via The CobraSnake; rocking a Haring T-shirt via I Can Teach You How to Do It, Spain.