Piping-Hot Sale: Unleash Your Appetite For Shoes (And Pizza!) Tonight!

If there’s one solid way to make us very happy campers, it’s combining what may as well be our two fave pastimes: Eating and shopping. Oh, and if we get to do both at the same time — we're as good as gold. Feel the same way? Well, here's an event you probably should pencil in, stat. Pop by sole haven Piper's Shoe Parlor tomorrow night and get ready to drop some hard-earned dough, all while noshing on some delicious pies, too.
With a whopping 10% to 50% off on brands like Dolce Vita, Miista, Gola, Kelsi Dagger, Keds, Obsorn Shoes, and Zuriick, along with bags, sunglasses, and other accessories, it's a total guilt-free shopping experience. Um, we can't say the same for the promise of free pizza though! So, make like a young Olsen twin and wear your "Gimme Pizza" game face for first pick of the steppers and the slices! Nom.

When: Thursday, May 31, 6 to 9 p.m.

Where: Piper’s Shoe Parlor, 1682 Haight Street (at Cole Street); 415-553-6884.

RSVP: Here

Photo: Via Facebook/Piper's Shoe Parlor