I Got My Damaged Hair Color Corrected — & This Is The Result

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to coloring your hair at home, and even when the finished look is exactly what you wanted, you'll inevitably want a change. That's exactly where our latest Hair Me Out subject, Sydney Weinberger, found herself with a pink DIY quarantine dye job, despite initially loving the way it came out.
"I dyed my hair pink because I was growing out my blonde hair that I dyed last year," Weinberger explained of the motivation. "I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got a pink tube of dye." While she was happy with the bright pink for a while, Weinberg said she's now "tired of it looking like I had a mental breakdown in quarantine." To treat her damaged hair and give her a healthy transformation, she turned to Beverly Hills-based hairstylist Kana Ishii.
Ishii began by using Olaplex and Redken Bleach Recovery Oil to repair the damage to Weinberger's hair and protect her ends. To give her hair some dimension, Ishii then used foil to add highlights and toned the roots between the foils. "I used semi-permanent color for that since she wants to go darker than her natural level," Ishii explained. "It takes longer to deposit the pigment on healthy new regrowth, so I left it for 50 minutes first, then pulled the color through to the ends and left it for another 10 minutes because porous ends always grab the pigment right away." After the highlights are set and Weinberger's hair is rinsed, Ishii uses a toner to completely nix the pink dye.
Ishii finished by trimming Weinberger's dead ends and added layers to refresh her look while still maintaining her length. When she's turned around in front of the mirror to see her hair transformation, Weinberger's excitement is palpable. "I'm just so happy that the pink is gone and it feels so nice," she said. "I'm excited to not have a huge routine or just throw my hair in a clip because I hate how it looks, because I love how it looks now." Now she can embrace her brown shag haircut until she gets the urge to make another change.

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