New Valencia Studio-Slash-Gallery Photobooth Takes Portraiture To Another Level

Photo buffs and folks into, well, holding things, listen up! The world’s first-ever studio and gallery devoted to old-school Polaroid and Tintype portraiture is opening its doors in San Francisco this Saturday, August 20. Photobooth, nestled next to the always-bustling Beretta on the corner of Valencia and 23rd Street, is the brainchild of local photographers Vince Donovan and Michael Shindler, both of whom share an affinity for old-time-y, instant photography. For $40 a pop, folks can wander into the studio and have their mugs (preferably a bit serious-looking; see below) captured on a little metal plate thanks to Shindler's super-amazing Tintype camera, which dates back to the Civil War. Donovan, on the other hand, will be snapping Polaroid portraits (with the use of a WWII-era camera) for $20. And not only is the studio a backdrop for this utterly intriguing bygone method, the space will also play host to rotating art shows (all highlighting similar types of photography), and a little shop-in-shop hawking fun with instant cameras by Lomography and Fuji, plus the film to go with it. Want to get a first peek at the hybrid space? Head to the shop's grand-opening party Saturday night, where the first few-dozen folks who RSVP will get their portraits taken, and everyone involved will enjoy treats by Lenga Lenga, tunes by Needles, Photobooth's first group exhibit, and much more. Get the full deets below.
When: Saturday, August 20, 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Where: Photobooth, 1193 Valencia Street (at 23rd Street); 415-824-1248.

Refinery29 S.F. Editor Katie tries her best to look serious and old-time-y in Photobooth's awesome tintype.

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