Online Dating Gets Cosmic (And Less Gross) With A New Web App

If rifling through endless online dating profile photos seems a bit gnarly (and shallow) to you, we've found something that might help. Smalldates is a Web app created by Chicago's own Doejo, and designed to be the cure for the common online dating platform. Smalldates is way to connect with people using a dynamic, cosmic, astrological (bear with us here) formula that beats the hell out of basic compatibility tests. When you join, Smalldates gains access to your Facebook profile (breathe), and uses info you're already comfortable sharing to formulate a group of friends, or friends-of-friends that you might want to chat with. At the very least, it's a great way to meet new people, and it might even take the pressure off of traditional online-dating scarytimes. We do love an app with a little imagination.

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