On Elizabeth Street

Name: Brian Ermanski aka -BE aka The Prince of Elizabeth (Street; not Jersey!).
Occupation: Painter/ Clothing Designer.
Where do you live? SoHo.
What's your favorite place in your neighborhood? SW corner of Prince and Elizabeth where I used to be able to paint until a woman called the cops about my Freeman's Alley piece and now I need to get a permit. Urgh!!!
Where are you from? Sutton, Massachusetts.
Why did you move here? To Live Here. So I would never have to work for anyone.
What are your favorite stores in the city? Trust Fund Baby. Salvation Army. Love Saves the Day. Resurrection. Reminiscence.
What are you wearing in this photo? Striped pants with paint on them. a pink v-neck and a vintage matching striped headband and cardigan. moccasins. Calvin Klein underwear. My gold family crest for when I have my own family.
What's in your closet that you've never worn? about 500 pieces of clothing. I am waiting on a Charles of London piece: A belated birthday present from The Countess of Cunt Rock Revolution.
Where's the last place you had a great dinner? Soho House.