On 3rd Avenue

Name: POSH!
Occupation: Recording Artist. My aspirations in music include wanting to be one of the most influential recording artists of all time, and by keeping GOD first, and serving Christ, it will happen for me with all the world to see! 2007 fate is mine! POSH! = Passionately Only Serving Him!
Where do you live? Harlem
What are you wearing? Top and jeans are both thrift, given to me by my best friend. The shoes are from 125th Street. The glasses are vintage Cazal from the 80s. Necklace is from Love Saves the Day on 2nd Ave. And the purse is vintage Louis - it was my grandmother's.
Favorite article of clothing: My favorite article of clothing (right now) would have to be my gold Nike Air Dunks with matching dollar sign laces. *bling*
Fav store in NYC: My favorite shopping spot in NYC is definetely the East Village. From St. Marks and 3rd Avenue to 7th Street and 2nd Avenue on down, these streets hide the city's best kept secrets. Happy hunting!
Fav store at home: My favorite shopping spot back in my long gone hometown of Pensacola, Florida was always a humongous shopping outlet in Foley, Alabama called Riviera Centre.
What are you saving up for? At the moment I'm saving up for my own apartment in this over-crowded paradise!
Where would you build a second home: In the future, my second home will be in NYC, my first in TOKYO!!! JA-NE!!!