On 23rd Street

Name Conor Hautaniemi
Occupation Designer
Where do you live? Brooklyn
What are you wearing? Banana Republic jacket, Penguin shirt, G-Star jeans, Adidas and Emilio Pucci glasses
What is your absolute favorite item of clothing? Probably these jeans
What are your favorite stores in the city? Adidas Classics SoHo, A.P.C., Barneys
What's in your closet that you've never worn? An extra large Nike shirt
What's your favorite place in your neighborhood? My friends' apartments
Where are you from? Ithaca, New York
Why did you move here? Pop art
What are you saving up to buy? Plane tickets
What have you been listening to recently? New Order, and various mixes on my ipod
Where are you going? To a photo shoot
Where's the last place you had a great dinner? Tab Tos, East Village
Where would you like to have a second home? New York