Sorry Google, This Tech Mag Is Our New Digital Resource


When searching for in-depth features on the tech industry, the last place we’d look is on the magazine shelf — it’s not like we can press Command and F while standing in the aisle. Turns out, the newsstand is exactly where we should be focusing our attention: We've recently stumbled upon (IRL and everything!) the new periodical
, an Australia-based resource for us to get acquainted with the personalities behind our favorite apps and websites.

Printed on high-quality paper, the magazine (currently on its fifth volume) is a one-man-show publication by editor/art director Kai Brach. The latest issue highlights some S.F. notables, like Adobe Photoshop's Tim Riot, visual designer Iris Eda Atalay, and Weightshift's Naz Hamid.
Sadly, there's no current Bay Area stockist, but don't let that deter you! If you want to get your paws on the mag, click the "buy now" button on Offscreen's shop to either receive a three-month subscription, or opt for individual issues. Once the sleekly designed and captivating mag comes to your mail slot, we suggest you power off those devices and pore through the pages — you'll still be able to log on to what's happening in the tech world.

Photo: Via Facebook/Offscreen