@NotTildaSwinton Is Winning Twitter Right Now

Would the gorgeous, ageless, ineffable creature we call Tilda Swinton ever tweet? Fools! As instantly followable as its account would be, The Swinton does not concern herself with such lowly, mundane pursuits. Luckily, a reasonable, ridiculous approximation, @NotTildaSwinton, has been communicating the incommunicable essence of the actress/woodland demigod for two rapturous days now.
Since then, we've learned so much. What does NotTilda/Tilda have for breakfast? "Sunlight. Boring, I know, but such an old standby deserves respect." What is NotTilda/Tilda's favorite thing to wear? "A robe of live squirrels is finer than pearls." How does NotTilda/Tilda kick back after a long day of cycling through various "animal" forms? "I sit on my throne of bone and await the evening's offering. My bat servant, Theremiah, returns to roost." Wait. Are we sure this isn't the real Tilda? (@NotTildaSwinton)
Photo: via @NotTildaSwinton.

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