A Noisette Notable Talks Music & Munchies, Plus Win Passes To The Event!

Some pairs were explicitly made for one another: Sunday brunch and mimosas, the Man Repeller and drop-crotch pants. But, we personally believe that tunes and nom-worthy fare happen to be one of greatest twosomes around. If you even tried to make us choose between grubbing at some of S.F.’s tastiest establishments or grooving to some smooth jams, we’d call you cruel, very cruel. So, of course, we’re pretty stoked that some of this summer’s quirkiest fests intermix the two. And the latest food and music fusion we’re fawning over? That’d be the first-ever, culinary-slash-sound gathering that is Noisette — going down this Saturday.
The mouth-watering event will feature an expansive selection of treats from S.F.’s brightest food stars, in addition to housing sweet sets by bands like The Dodos, Pillowfight, and Craft Spells (and more!). We caught up with producer Stacy Horne (who also works with another equally enticing music and food event, Treasure Island Music Fest), to give us some added insight. Read the quickie Q&A below and tell us the following in the comments: If your appetite had a song, what would it be? Our fave answer will win a pair of passes to this can’t-miss happening! Now that's music to our ears stomachs!

Tell us a little bit more about Noisette.

"The idea grew over the past years at Noise Pop. We’ve been doing more and more food events, the last two years chefs like Blair Warsham created a menu based on 'cover dishes' and paired them with music. Through the success of those events and speaking with our friends at Finger On The Pulse (they’ve been doing an event called Backyard BBQ Blowout where they have chefs create dishes with music), we wanted to bring this concept to S.F. The concept is to combine these two disciplines with equal focus."

What differentiates Noisette from other summer fests?

"Well, in S.F. there are a lot of both of these elements, but nothing really where each was such a strong focus. A lot of the times there will be a food fest, but music in the background or the other way around. We wanted to make sure the bands and chefs play equal parts."


What chefs are you most excited for?

"I think we have a great cross section of exciting chefs and cuisine. We have Ryan Pollnow of Flour + Water, who was recently promoted to head chef, so he’s really continuing great tradition of modern and fresh Italian food. Also, Mike Selvera at Bar Crudo, which has been outstanding in the field for the last couple years. Really excited about Dennis Lee of Namu Gaji, too.”

When: Noisette, Saturday, August 4, noon to 5 p.m.

Where: Public Works, 161 Erie Street (at Mission Street); 415-932-0955.

Price: $60; Buy here!

Photos: Via The Dodos, Nosiette/Flour + Water