The Next New Kids? Meet Boy Band Nine Inch Nails!

Sure, they aren't exactly dancing in unison or belting out "The Right Stuff", but the younguns who make Nine Inch Nails definitely know how to groove. Bedecked in an ace black leather jacket, combat boots (this season's hottest accessory...hello Ally Sheedy), and an undercut, our local record store told us this hottie's name is Trent Reznor. (We called them to inquire. On a landline. That we have.)
Looks like these Nine Inch Nails babes have all the makings of being the next teen idols, with cool DJs, matching hair styles, and oh-so dance-worthy beats. (For suggestions on how to get down, Dance Party USA's patrons are at the ready.)
We hope these dark cuties are't just a flash in the pan, but who knows if they can compete with fellow heartthrobs like Milli Vanilli and Donnie Wahlberg. One thing's for certain: scrunchies for men is a total new trend...though that hair cut may never catch on.

Photo: Via Uktrayf's You Tube

This story was part of Refinery29's 2012 April Fool's joke

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