What We’re Wearing: Natasha Takes The Year 1 Book At A Time

Natasha Ivankovitser, Brand Integration Manager
What I'm Wearing: "DKNY booties, ASOS leather skirt, Inhabit sweater, Bleifrei coat."
My New Year's Resolution: "I'm making them up as the year progresses, and right now I'm keeping it simple by aiming to read at least one book a month. I would also love to plan a big trip this year to somewhere in Scandinavia or South America."
My first big purchase in 2012: "I just booked a flight to Los Angeles for my friend's wedding, and I think my next purchase will be a Kindle to take along on the plane (which will help me with the resolution)."
The one movie I can watch endlessly on repeat: "This is tough since movies are my favorite, but at the moment I will say The Apartment with Jack Lemmon — I just watched it the other day for the 100th time and it always makes me smile."