My Style: Lindsay Segal’s West Loop Loft

Meet Chicago's most stylish multi-tasker, Lindsay Segal. In addition to lending her talents to visual merchandising and personal-styling projects, Lindsay is also half of the entrepreneurial duo behind Luxury Garage Sale, a way for clients to clean out their (gasp) unwanted couture, while making a little moolah in the process. Naturally, our interest is piqued by the resale end of this project, and we've admittedly perused the racks and scored big ourselves. We took a trip to Lindsay's super-stylish West Loop loft to find out where one of Chicago's most brilliant style stars takes it easy. If you survive a full click-through without some serious apartment inspiration, we'd be, like, shocked. Read on for Lindsay's take on the business of fashion in Chicago, and imagine how you'll replicate her style skills in your own posh pad.
Lindsay wears a Nanette Lepore dress and Forever21 blazer. Her boots are House of Harlow, and her Zebra pal is from Anthropologie.

What are you most excited about at Luxury Garage Sale right now?
"Luxury Garage Sale has a lot of exciting collaborations on the horizon throughout the summer and fall. We are teaming up with great partners hoping to solidify our presence in Chicago as a pop up shopping
experience with unique and fabulous gems at great discounts! We also just moved into a great new office space in River North and are planning to host a few private events there. "

Antique birdcage, occupant from Anthropologie.
Has anyone in your life influenced your personal style?
"My mother is probably my biggest style influencer. I grew up in a very aesthetically quirky and artistic environment. I went to houses growing up that all looked very similar (white, creams, loads of traditional furniture and antiques). My house was the opposite. We had a host of strange collections and bright colored, graphic rugs, artwork and pillows. My parents are big purveyors of Outsider Art and it seems that every few months my mom had a new collection (from Cookie Jars to Chalk Figures to Silhouettes to Whimsy Bottles- there was always some interesting visual stimulation in my house) My mother is an artist and has always had a great eye for color and print, and really encouraged me to view untraditional objects from a different perspective." Lindsay's plate collection comes from ten years of scouring and collecting, both at home and abroad.
Lindsay pairs her covetable Zara pants with a cool blazer from H&M and a vintage belt.

What 3 things from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
"A piece of giant gold costume jewelry. It doesn’t matter what kind, it just has to be large and borderline hideous. An oversized cardigan or fitted blazer, and Dana Rebecca Designs “Sylvie Rose” Necklace. I haven’t taken it off once since I got it in February. It is timeless."

A recent (adorable) birthday gift.

What are you current must-reads?
"Man repeller, Teen Vogue, Sea of Shoes, and The New Yorker."

We bonded with Lindsay about missing Domino magazine.
Lindsay's jacket is an H&M find we're loving. At left, her hourglass collection.

Where do you find your inspiration for your home?
"As I mentioned, my mother’s unique style has been a huge inspiration. But, a designer duo who also continually inspires me is Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan. Their “campy” take on design and décor always makes me laugh, and keeps things in the design world fresh. I am a firm believer that your home and your clothing should be fun and make you happy. My home is the opposite of bland, yet it is still a calm reprieve for me from the daily stresses of work and life because it is filled with things I love and that make me laugh. Simon and Jonathan continually push for design (fashion, home) to be memorable and quirky. Some people might not understand my off beat style, but in the words of Diana Vreeland “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. No taste is what I’m against”.


If you could describe your personal style in 3 words, what would they be?
"Graphic, Geometric, Black & White."

Lindsay's dining area, where her chandelier is a favorite find.

Do you have any tips for our readers when buying resale couture?
"Yes! Find a trusted seller who you are confident sells authentic and unique goods, and then stand behind them! A lot of resale and eBay shops are very poorly edited and overwhelming to shop or purvey. At Luxury Garage Sale, we really pride ourselves on selling unique pieces that we really stand behind in quality and aesthetic."

Lindsay painted her Ikea chalkboard to her liking, and her kitchen is home to several vintage owls.
Jonathan Adler Pillow, and Lindsay's collection of Panamanian Diablicos.

What music is always playing in your house?
"Hmm… if you ask my friends, they would scream “the same song!” I tend to find an artist, and then play them on repeat until I know every lyric and start bleeding from the ears. So, I just started listening to Pandora at work to keep things fresh and to have my employees not hate me. Right now I am really into Bloc Party, Mumford and Sons, and Taio Cruz Pandora Radio Mix…Ha!"

Lindsay's figurines, among them a Jonathan Adler piece. One of many collections in her home we're obsessing.

What is your most prized piece of clothing or accessory?
"My engagement ring. It was my great grandmother Pauline's wedding band from 1925. I love how it was passed through 3 generations of women in my family. It is so special to me."

Every robot is a vintage replica that brings smiles to all who enter Lindsay's kitchen.

What do you love about living in Chicago?
"I love how easy it is to live. I used to live in NYC and everything was such a production. There were no big grocery stores, you couldn’t park a car in the city for under $600 per month, finding an affordable, spacious
apartment was like winning the lottery--- Chicago has so many of the great aspects of New York with the convenience of a smaller, much more livable city."

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