A Local It Girl Shows Us Her Over-The-Top Oakland Pad

While S.F. has its share of PYTs, one of the coolest is definitely Rebecca Goldschmidt, the artsy lady behind the super-fun blog and e-shop Big Things. To see if her pad was anywhere near as cool as her digital venture and the art events she curates around town, we headed out to her West Oakland abode to get a peek. And, boy, were we blown away by a space that can be best described as a treehouse-like structure for adults crossed with a killer party crib. Scope Goldschmidt’s enviable and super-creative digs, and meet this inspiring girl next door in the pics that follow!

The sprawling and artistic living room.

We know you split your time between two "dream jobs." Tell us about the first one.
"Half of my time is spent on my art/culture blog Big Things and online store, the Big Things Shop, which sells jewelry, housewares, and other objects made by friends, small designers, or just things that I've collected while traveling. We've been having a lot of events lately, too—pop-up shops, parties, workshops. I'll even be in Portland this weekend for a Lemonade Stand with some friends and artists up there! I love learning and sharing all kinds of discoveries, be it through words or images, objects, or experiences, so it's been awesome to be able to do that for a quickly expanding audience. I'm excited to plan some more fun stuff in the fall."

Rebecca, in a Food With Faces top (her roommates' label), American Apparel skirt from Goodwill, and loafers from the dearly departed Anica boutique, lounges in her favorite room—the kitchen!

And what's the second half of your gig?
"The other half of my time is spent at Metier, a women's clothing and jewelry boutique in Union Square. I'm the photographer and stylist for our blog and our soon-to-be-launched e-commerce site. There are so many amazing aspects of my job, including first dibs on coveted collections like Isabel Marant and Rag & Bone, feeling the hustle of downtown S.F., and shooting pretty clothes on pretty girls. But most of all, the Metier team is a real family! We have all worked together for years, seen weddings, breakups, and now lots of babies! We eat tons of snacks and groove to good music while trying on awesome outfits and deciding what looks best. It can't really get more perfect than that."


A collage work-in-progress by Rebecca's roommate, Jessalyn Aaland.
Vibrant posters line the living room (left). Rebecca (right) in front of her roommate's artwork wearing a Serial Cultura top, Chris Benz shorts (she wore the matching neon blazer for her college graduation), and Rag & Bone heels from Metier. "They're the most comfortable summer party shoe!" she says.

What are the three pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?

"I ride my bike every day, so my wardrobe has become pretty practical. My three mainstay pieces are my green backpack that I can cram a change of clothes into, vintage brown loafers, and crocheted chain earrings by Arielle de Pinto."

Rebecca's crazy-cool office, aka Big Things headquarters.

Where do you draw your decorating inspiration from?

"I don't plan any of my home decor, but I guess the inspiration kind of comes from obsessive collectors, folk artists, my mom and grandmother. I don't mind clutter, so when I find something I like, I just find a spot for it and tack it up, without measuring or fussing about placement. I saw that movie Herb and Dorothy, about the art collector couple whose apartment is just crammed, floor to ceiling, with cats, and turtle tanks, and works by Richard Tuttle and Sol LeWitt, and I hoped that someday that would be my life."

Rebecca sitting pretty in her office wearing a dress her mom thrifted in Portland and gave her as a birthday gift.

What do you love most about your space?

"My roommates Paul Morgan and Jessalyn Aaland! They're both incredibly talented artists and as you can tell, they've really transformed what could be a dreary, raw space into a home. Paul has everything organized brilliantly and both of their work—Jessalyn's collages and Paul's prints—combined with their estate sale finds, make it a bright and fun place where we all can happily get a lot of work done. I'm so grateful to have found such awesome roommates and that our aesthetics blend together so effortlessly!"

Another Jessalyn Aaland collage.
An adorable "No Parents No Rules" banner hangs above the staircase.

Any favorite spots in the city for home goods and bric-a-brac?

"I'm a sucker for bric-a-brac! I love Valencia Community Thrift Store, yard sales, and Craigslist."

You feature a lot of quirky designs on your website—are there any new designers you're really excited about at the moment?

"I'm obsessed with Amira's colorful knotted jewelry, Honest Joe's suede bangles, and can't wait to get my paws on the Serial Cultura collection for fall!"

Rebecca shows off her beaded bracelet by Julie Rofman, friendship bracelets made by her bestie Tracy, and a leather fringe cuff by Honest Joe.

What would you never be caught dead wearing?
"I will most definitely wear anything at least once—that includes Birkenstocks, fleece, and basketball jerseys."

What's in your closet that you've never worn?

"Waaaay too much...and I probably will never get rid of any of it!"

A Big Things event poster, created by Rebecca's roommate Paul Morgan.

What artist and galleries are you digging right now?

"The whole corner of 20th and Folsom is a fantastic new addition to the S.F. art world. The People's Gallery, The Thing Quarterly, and Kadist are really building a solid community with bike rentals, lectures, workshops, pop-up shops, an art magazine reading room, etc. Courtney Price's minimal color combos and Caitlin Ducey's stacked straws are also blowing my mind lately."

More stacked-up findings.
Rebecca in a Rag & Bone top, thrifted Brass Plum tank, vintage YSL shorts (another gift from mom), and yellow $1 pony-hair sandals from Oakland's White Elephant Sale.

Is there a secret store you love that you're willing to let our readers in on?

"I'm really spilling the beans on this one, but La Chanteuse, my mom's vintage store on etsy. She has an incredible collection of designer vintage and she's always sending me packages of goodies that she thrifts in Chicago. She sent me these vintage YSL floral shorts and gave me this neon maxi dress for my birthday a few years ago. If I ever need something for a party I just give her a call."

Rebecca's fruity $2 earrings.

What's your best cheap score of late?
"I picnicked with a friend on Lake Merritt the other day and scored these grape earrings and a dice bracelet for two bucks from a guy selling junk on a blanket. What a deal!"

We love your short cut! Where do you get your hair done?
"My girl Debi at di Pietro Todd always keeps me looking good! I love modeling for the salon—the whole dPT crew is a riot to work with and are the most talented stylists in the Bay."

What are your favorite hair products?

"Not washing my hair!"

One of Rebecca's obsessions: Day of the Dead!

What's your favorite room in your home?

"Probably the kitchen. I love to bake and Paul my roommate built a ton of counter space, so we can have lots of projects going at the same time."

What would you miss most if you left San Francisco?
"Definitely the easy escape to the beach, the Headlands, the forest...and the curbside compost pick-up."


Put a (Big Things) stamp on it!
The pillow-strewn couch.

What's your favorite possession in your workspace right now?

"I glued some googly eyes to this rock I found in New Mexico. That's pretty awesome."

Favorite fashion trend of the moment?

"Pattern mixing! Big pants! Color! And buying used/vintage is always good."

A paint palette lying around the artsy household.

What's the most treasured piece of clothing in your closet?
"There are so many, but my greatest treasures are definitely my grandmother's clothing that her seamstress sister made in the Philippines from pineapple fibers and old American parachutes. Plus, my other grandmother's first childhood mink and made-to-order Israeli dresses."

A little piñata zine, sold on Big Things.

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