My Chi: Local Design Hero Elise Bergman

Every season we wait like school kids before the day's last bell to see what local designer Elise Bergman has in store for us. We can't get enough of her feminine dresses, tops, and skirts, in colors and palletes that look good on literally everyone. We wanted to know more about Elise (we're pretty sure we'd be BFFs), so we caught up with her to find out what she loves about our city.
1. Favorite Summer Activity
"Beach volleyball. I used to think it was a little corny, but a few summers ago I joined a team and have been hooked ever since. It's the best way to be social, enjoy the lake, and get a little exercise in the summer."
2. Favorite Cocktail
"The La Paloma at Big Star."
3. Favorite Restaurant
"Not really a restaurant, but my favorite indulgent meal involves going to the Charleston and waiting for the tamale guy to show up. Some how, even though it's a faulty plan, I end up getting dinner every time."
4. Favorite Place to Shop
"Almost all the clothes in my closet that are not vintage or samples from my collection come from Roslyn. I also love p45, Workshop, Eskell, and Robin Richman. For gifts, I usually stop into Renegade Handmade. For groceries, I try to make it to the farmers' market."
5. Favorite Music Venue/Theater
"The Hideout. From country and bluegrass music to rock shows and dance parties, this is my kind of place."
6. Favorite Way to Relax
"One of the benifits of living in Chicago is the amount of space you get. I am lucky enough to have a little yard, and have been blowing off steam by doing some gardening."
7. Most Inspiring Place
"I could spend hours and hours at The Art Institute. I also love all the different neighborhoods and their unique personalities, and could spend ages riding my bike around looking at the architecture. They're different kinds of experiences, but both very inspiring. I guess that means I'm saying that the bike lane is an inspiring place. Eh, is that strange?"
8. What do you love most about Chicago?
"I love the Chicago has all the benefits of a big city (great food, music, art, and a growing fashion community) but its Midwestern locale keeps it manageable and polite."

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