Catch Up On The Show Everyone Is Talking About

Unless you are personally the hippest member of your girl gang (in which case, congrats queen), we bet you've got that one pal who always seems to know exactly what's cool. They're the ones from whom we steal playlists and book recommendations, they tell us when it's time to trade our platforms for granny heels, and they definitely keep us in the loop in terms of what shows we should be watching. You've likely already heard about Amazon’s Golden Globe-nominated original series Mozart in the Jungle from said friend. However, if you need a little more encouragement to hop on the bandwagon, we also happen to be streaming the first three episodes from season 1 right here. Check back each day to find another episode — trust us, once you're hooked on Hailey and Rodrigo's relationship, you won't be able to stay away — and when you're all caught up, make sure to stream season 2 on Amazon Prime Video for some seriously enjoyable binge-watching. Enjoy! Update: We're no longer able to stream the first three episodes, but you can see both Season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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