2012’s Most-Watched YouTube Videos Are Not Necessarily The Best Ones

Despite its large population of advertisements and corporate accounts, YouTube still remains one of the strangest places on the web — and this list of the most-watched videos of 2012 is proof. We're not sure whether to feel good, bad, or great that more people have watched a Carly Rae Jepsen parody video rather than an actual Carly Rae Jepsen video.
And yes, if you're wondering, Gangnam Style is on there. But it's surprising, and kind of heartwarming, how many regular videos (made by regular people!) are in the top 10. YouTube's philosophy may be quantity over quality, but that doesn't mean that 20 million-plus viewers don't absolutely love every minute of it. (Business Insider)
Check out number one up top, then click through for the next nine on the might be surprised!
This video definitely made some kid really mad at her dad.
In case you were still in denial that dub-step is officially a thing, it's time to accept it.
Not really sure what's so great about this one?
We sincerely hope that the advertising team responsible for this is getting the world's biggest holiday bonus!
So topical.
Any press is good press, right?
One of the darker — and less-remembered — moments of 2012.
Nearly as many views as there are people playing that guitar.
And last but not least, the video that needs no introduction!

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